Rune Furelid was working with real estate educated as an economist, but after a dramatic motorcycle accident which he barley survived, he changed direction and started painting in march 2014.

He became a student of the classical masterpainter Odd Nerdrum and quickly gained attention in local an national media with his work that combine classical and modern techniques, resulting in popular colourful paintings that usually sell out quickly to customers all over Norway and abroad.

He is represented in private collections in Spain, Singapore, Sweeden, Denmark, USA and Italy.

He now has his own gallery on the west coast of Norway, in the middle of Ålesund City, where he also has his painting studio. You can visit him and see his work here, and even sometimes sit at watch while he is working.

The best way to follow his work is through instagram: runefurelid

Contactinfo: or mobile: 0047 94214040